Zodiac Tours that Leave you with an appreciation for the Natural World & Human History of Haida Gwaii

We offer zodiac boat tours that range from 1 - 4 days in length. On each tour, our goal is to provide a safe, educational and unique experience that leaves you with an appreciation for the natural environment and human history of Haida Gwaii. On our longer tours, we provide an opportunity to travel deep into Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and Haida Heritage Site ("Gwaii Haanas").

On all of our tours, we travel on fast, stable Hurricane Zodiac boats, perfectly suited to the variable weather and sea conditions around Haida Gwaii. These vessels are open to the elements, which means that visitors must dress in warm clothing and wear heavy rain gear and gumboots (provided). The ride can be bumpy at times and it is very important to discuss any health or fitness concerns with us before booking. However, compared to other speedboats or whale-watching boats, the ride in a Hurricane Zodiac is relatively smooth and it is rare for anyone to suffer from motion sickness (even if you typically get seasick).

We launch our boats from Moresby Camp, the closest boat launch to Gwaii Haanas, which is a public recreation site located about one hour's drive from Sandspit on Moresby Island. We will pick you up in our van from Sandspit or Alliford Bay ferry landing, meaning you can join our tour regardless of which island you stay on the night before.

Once we confirm your trip, it is guaranteed to run (except in extreme weather conditions).

We offer three different styles of zodiac tours over the course of the summer.

This full-day trip takes you all the way around Louise Island, and includes a visit to the ancient Haida village site of K'uuna (Skedans). Louise Island is rich with history, and is also a great area to learn about the ecology and environment of Haida Gwaii, both terrestrial and marine.

This tour explores the northern half of Gwaii Haanas and the Louise Island area, with an overnight at our floating lodge. We stop at several important Haida cultural sites, and fill out our days with a mix of Haida cultural history, pioneer history, marine ecology, and beautiful scenery.

This tour takes you all the way to the remote southern end of Gwaii Haanas, and includes a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of SGaang Gwaay (Ninstints).  We also explore other cultural sites, visit hidden bays and inlets, and search for wildlife.  Overnights at our floating lodge and Rose Harbour Guesthouse make for a relaxing pace.