4 Day Gwaii Haanas Tour

Trip Highlights

A guided walking tour of SGang Gwaay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with world-renowned standing totem poles, as well as other cultural sites.

Conversations with Haida Watchmen, who live at the sites over the summer, sharing their knowledge about Haida culture, history and tradition.

Comfortable accommodation at our floating lodge, and a night at the unique and rustic Rose Harbour Guesthouse.

Lots of opportunity to search for wildlife at sea and along the shoreline.

Kayaking in the calm waters that surround our floating lodge, and opportunities to explore the forest and beach on short walks.

Delicious home-cooked meals.

Trip Overview

On our four-day tour, we explore Gwaii Haanas from end to end, including the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of SGang Gwaay in the south of the islands. Each day of the tour is spent in a mix of boat travel, exploring on shore and viewing wildlife and scenery from the boat. The relaxed pace of this tour allows us to visit many well-known highlights of Gwaii Haanas while still leaving time for the lesser-known spots that our guides love to share with you. Each trip can be adapted to the weather, tides and interests of the group. We also have an opportunity to try a little kayaking in the calm waters around our floating lodge.

Some stops include K'uuna Llnagaay (Skedans), T'aanuu Llnagay (Tanu), SGang Gwaay (Ninstints) and Burnaby Narrows. If you have any particular interests (for example, birding), please let your guide know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Our home for two of the nights is our small floating lodge with comfortable private rooms (double occupancy), a sitting and dining area and a large covered deck. There is a flush toilet, hot and cold running water - everything except a shower. We stay here on the first and last night. The middle night of the tour is spent at the Rose Harbour Guesthouse. This very basic hostel style accommodation is situated on the abandoned Rose Harbour Whaling Station property where a few families make their homes pioneer style, with an outhouse to match. Although the rooms are small and very rustic, the food is excellent and there is a wood fired shower here for you to use in the evening. Rose Harbour is in the very south of Gwaii Haanas, only half an hour from SGang Gwaay. Staying here allows us to visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site without too long a day in the boat.

Price: CAD $1750 ($1,915.90 including taxes and Gwaii Haanas fees)


A Few Logistics Worth Noting...

Dress warmly and with layers. Because we travel on an open Zodiac boat, you must be prepared to dress warmly and be ready to face all the variable weather that the islands are famous for.

We've got the gear covered. We provide raingear, gumboots and lifejackets so there is no specialty equipment that you need to bring.

Storage space is limited. We have limited dry storage under the boat seats (about 22cm or 10in wide) and ask that guests travel with minimal luggage in soft baggage.

Your meals are included. Meals and snacks are included, from lunch on the first day to lunch on the last day.

The boat ride can be bumpy, and the beach and forest walks can have difficult footing. We travel through some exposed waters, so it is very important to discuss any back or neck problems with us in advance to be sure this tour is right for you. While on land, we don't do any long hikes, but we do walk on rough beaches and forest trails with tripping hazards, slippery areas, and difficult footing.

We've paid your Parks Canada fees.  We collect the Parks Canada user fees for Gwaii Haanas on your behalf and we provide the mandatory orientation required by Parks Canada as part of our tour. If you wish, you can also attend the orientation session offered by Parks Canada at the Haida Heritage Centre in Skidegate.

There are multiple pickup options available.  If you stay in Sandspit the night before the tour, we will pick you up at your accommodations shortly after 7:30.  If you stay on Graham Island the night before, you will need to catch the 7:40 ferry from Skidegate Landing as foot passengers, and we will pick you up at Alliford Bay when it arrives.  We return on the last day in time to drop you off at the last ferry back to Skidegate (departing at 5:30), or drive you back to Sandspit shortly after.  


Searching Availability...

Our Moresby Explorers 4 day trip with you was a trip of a lifetime and you made it so very special. Your professionalism, quiet confidence, knowledge of the local area, culture and customs, bird and sea life made it a perfect combination ... We are so very grateful to have made the trip with you. Everything was so very special and we can not believe all that we saw while there.
— Sharon
We wanted to let you both know how much we enjoyed the MoreEx 4-Day trip. You provided a very special package tour. We felt very comfortable, overly well-fed, safe and secure in our travel with you. We thoroughly loved the whole experience. The Float camp was a great spot to house us, and Rose Harbour added a particular flavour that rounded out the unique 4-day trip — in addition to giving us access to Gwaii Haanas and the park’s special significance.
— Donna & Debby

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