Six Reasons why you should see Gwaii Haanas with Moresby Explorers.

We rely on our solid reputation to bring us new customers each season. Wether you've heard all about us from a friend or just found us on the Internet, it is important to us that you come away from your trip with a positive experience to share with others. We will be informative and honest with you throughout the booking process, and if this is not the trip for you, we will help you find other options. Here are some of the things that set us apart from other tour companies.

Reason 1: We've got great people!

We choose our staff for an exceptionally high level of talent and commitment. Working at The Moresby Explorers Ltd. is not just a summer job, it's a lifestyle. The owners as well as the staff live at the office in Sandspit. The owners (who are also guides), guides, and office staff all share in the responsibilities of running the company. Everyone has a basic understanding of everyone else's job, allowing them to help out when the need arises. At Moresby Explorers we do all our own training and do not send guides out on the water before they are ready. All the maintenance on the boats and engines is done by the guides and owners giving the guides a good understanding of how everything works. This allows the guides to troubleshoot and possibly fix almost any issue which might arise. Many of our guides and other staff return year after year, gaining valuable local knowledge and experience which greatly enhance the visitor experience.

Reason 2: We've got great zodiac boats!

Travelling on a small boat is a great way to experience Gwaii Haanas. We are able to travel quickly between points of interest, allowing maximum time on shore to explore. The shallow draft of these boats allows us get up close to the shoreline to view wildlife, explore pristine inlets, or disembark at new landing spots. However, not all small boats are created equal. We use rigid-hull inflatable boats manufactured right here in B.C. by Zodiac Hurricane Technologies. These are the same brand of boats used by Canadian and U.S. Coast Guard and military, and proven in extreme conditions around the world. A "deep V" fiberglass hull creates a smoother ride on the water, and the air-filled tubes around the hull add extra floatation and legendary stability. The hypalon tubes are separated into 5 sections and the hull is completely enclosed and self draining, making the boat virtually unsinkable. As you may know, Haida Gwaii is known for unpredictable weather that can flare up suddenly, but with these boats we can be sure of a safe ride at all times.

Reason 3: We're really dependable!

We understand that your visit to the islands may be a once in a lifetime experience, and we want to make sure you see what you came to see. If we confirm your trip, we will not cancel it, even if all the other people on it cancel at the last minute. If we cannot safely go out due to bad weather, we will try our best to either move the trip to a different day, explore a different area, or otherwise accommodate the people on the trip.

We run Yamaha four stroke outboard motors which are reliable, quiet and clean burning. These reliable engines greatly reduce the possiblity of mechanical problems. Even so, on our single engine boats we carry a small spare for backup. The fact that we run four boats plus a spare, which we operate out of Moresby Camp (the closest road access to the park), allows us to respond quickly should a problem arise. In most cases we will be able to fix the problem or exchange boats and continue the tour with little disruption. No other company operating in Gwaii Haanas can offer the same.

Reason 4: Our tours start at Moresby Camp.

There are two options for accessing Gwaii Haanas and the area just north of Gwaii Haanas: start from the docks at Queen Charlotte or Sandspit and make your way around the notoriously rough Sandspit Bar and south along the exposed shorelines of northern Moresby Island, or start at Moresby Camp, a recreation site located about one hour drive south of Sandspit. Although launching at Moresby Camp means that we need to drive there each day, we firmly believe that it is the better option, and we keep all our equipment and boats at Moresby Camp rather than in Sandspit. The more protected waters around Moresby Camp mean that we can run many tours from here which we would have to cancel due to weather if we were trying to run from the Sandspit harbour.

Reason 5: We've got a cool & convinient floating lodge.

We are unique in being able to provide our guests with comfortable indoor accommodation, not a tent or a liveaboard boat. Nestled in a small remote cove in Crescent Inlet and accessible only by boat or plane, our floating lodge is the perfect place for us to overnight on our boat tours.The lodge has 8 guest bedrooms, four with "double under and single over" bunk beds, two with queen beds and two with 2 singles. There is a large sitting area with a 14 person dining room table, gas fireplace, full kitchen, covered deck and a great view. There is hot and cold water and a bathroom with a flush toilet, but there is no shower. It takes just over an hour to get there in one of our speed boats from Moresby Camp, and it is less than a kilometer outside the northern boundary of Gwaii Haanas.

Reason 6: We are local!

Moresby Explorers has been a locally owned and operated company since 1988. The owners and many of the staff live full-time on the islands. This means we know not only the highlights of Gwaii Haanas, but also the more unique and little-known spots that not everyone visits. Being a local operator gives us the advantage of a long season, with tours and custom trips available whenever there is a demand.