Kayak Rentals

We rent high quality, Canadian made, fiberglass sea kayaks. These kayaks have been chosen for the reliability, stability, performance and volume required for an enjoyable ocean expedition here on Haida Gwaii. We advise groups to include a double in their plans as trips can be spoiled due to injuries or illness that may prevent a person from traveling in a single.

Each kayak is outfitted with: personal floatation devices, pump, paddles, spare paddle, sponge, neoprene spray skirts and a bouyant throw bag.

Seaward Passat G3   Length : 22'.  Beam : 26"/66cm  Bow Volume:  64L.  Stern Volume : 94L.  Center Volume : 180L.  Weight : 90lbs/40.8k g

Seaward Passat G3

Length: 22'. Beam: 26"/66cm Bow Volume: 64L. Stern Volume: 94L. Center Volume: 180L. Weight: 90lbs/40.8kg

Seaward Tyee   Length:  17'/5.19m.  Beam:  24"/60.96cm.  Bow Volume:  92L.  Stern Volume:  131L.  Total Kayak Storage:  415L.  Weight : 56lbs/25.4kg

Seaward Tyee

Length: 17'/5.19m. Beam: 24"/60.96cm. Bow Volume: 92L. Stern Volume: 131L. Total Kayak Storage: 415L. Weight: 56lbs/25.4kg

VHF Radio Rentals

The VHF radio is a must for weather and safety in remote ocean waters. We rent VHF radios exclusively to people renting our kayaks. All radios are programmed with Canadian Coast Guard and weather frequencies for use in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site. Radios are also programmed with the frequency of our own repeater (located above Crescent Inlet). From many areas north of Burnaby Narrows, you can trigger the repeater and reach our office in Sandspit, adding to the safety of your expedition. Remember that handheld radios are dependent on line of sight and can reach fair distances on open water but are less effective when trees or hills are in the way.

Rental Rates

All prices are in Canadian dollars. The price inclusive of taxes is indicated in brackets.

Gear 1 Week Rate 10 Day Rate 2 Week Rate
Single Kayak $320 ($358.40) $410 ($459.20) $530 ($593.60)
Double Kayak $460 ($515.20) $610 ($683.20) $745 ($834.40)
Handheld Marine VHF Radio $40 $50 $60

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Transport to Gwaii Haanas

Because of the vast size of the Gwaii Haanas area, most kayakers choose to get dropped off and/or picked up by our high-speed Zodiacs allowing you to maximize your paddling time!

Trip Planning Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

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