The Moresby Explorers Team

Exploring the Islands' rich marine world, towering old growth forests, and Haida culture has instilled us with a deep fascination and appreciation for the natural world around us. It is this fascination, combined with the unparalled treasures of the islands, that we wish to explore with you. An active out-of-doors lifestyle has given us a spirited and energetic approach to all our endeavors.

As your hosts, your safety and comfort is our primary concern. As professional guides and adventurers, we continuously train to maintain a high standard of safety and education. We have extensive advanced wilderness first aid training, and are active wilderness leaders.

Many of our staff were born and raised on the islands or on the mainland coast. Whether we are full time or seasonal residents, the rhythm of the ocean, the almost supernatural beauty of our surroundings, and the unexpected magic of the Islands have brought us back year after year. We look forward to exploring with you this summer.

Our Year Round Team


Heron Wier


Growing up in the wilderness at Rose Harbour, on the southern tip of the Queen Charlotte Islands, is a part of Heron's legacy. Kayaking at three, running outboards since he was strong enough to pull-start them, home schooled until grade 10, Heron exudes confidence and is at ease in the surroundings he is so intimately connected with. His extensive knowledge of the natural world he grew up in and his love of people make him a unique guide. As well as outdoor activities, Heron enjoys technology and attended the University of Northern British Columbia for Computer Science for several years.

After guiding for Moresby Explorers for 9 years, Heron bought half of the company in 2008 (along with partner Laura) giving previous owner Doug a chance to enjoy his well-earned retirement.


Amber Faktor


After visiting Haida Gwaii (and traveling with MorEx) a handful of times, Amber was lured here more permanently in 2012 when she joined the Moresby Explorers office management team. She was born and raised in Northern British Columbia and has developed a love for small towns and the island lifestyle.

Before moving to Sandspit, she completed degrees from the University of Northern British Columbia in English, and Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management. She studied for a while at the graduate level within the field of Aboriginal Tourism before life took her in another direction. She has also been a part of various projects based on sustainable, aboriginal and rural tourism, developing local food systems and now runs the Sandspit Farmer's Market.

Along with getting her hands dirty in the garden, Amber loves exploring, fishing, cooking and making pottery.


Laura Pattison


Laura grew up on a small island on the Queen Charlottes. As the family home was accessible only by boat, she learned to drive one at an early age and has never lost her love of being on the water.

Laura began working as a boat tour guide for Moresby Explorers in 2005, and found that it was a perfect fit, combining her boating skills, her love of the outdoors, and her intimate knowledge of local culture and history. Her passion for the islands where she lives and desire to share her knowledge with others make her an insightful and enthusiastic guide.

Laura enjoys living full time on the islands, and feels the need to create sustainable businesses here. In 2008 she and Heron completed a non-hostile takeover of Moresby Explorers Ltd. Their plans do not include billboards or franchises, only excellent experiences in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve.


Our Summer Team


Emma Weiss


Emma joined the Morex team as a guide in 2015. Being raised in White Rock, BC, by adventure-seeking parents, Emma naturally grew into an outdoor enthusiast eager to explore new places in new ways. She has been kayaking, canoeing, and hiking for as long as she can remember and has always had a passion for the natural world. Her love of the ocean drew her to the University of Victoria in 2012 to study Marine Biology. In her free time she enjoys kayaking, scuba diving, cycling, and beach combing. On her days off you will often find her napping on a beach enjoying the sunshine!


Bryan McDonald


Bryan came to the islands in 2011 with adventuring in mind and left with a well-fitted job driving boats and sharing his love and knowledge of the wilderness.

Bryan was born in Victoria, BC and enjoys an abundance of outdoor activities that range from kayaking, fishing, surfing, and general beach browsing. With summers spent on the coast, Bryan plans on traveling the rest of the country in the off season with hopes of ending up at the other ocean and onwards from there.


Abbey Bronson


Although she grew up on the shores of Lake Erie, Abbey moved to B.C. to study for her Adventure Management Diploma at Thompson Rivers University which she finished in the spring of 2010. Abbey will be continuing into the degree program this winter - possibly in Switzerland! The guiding and safety skills she learns during the winter months are put to good use in the summer with Moresby Explorers. When not guiding, she enjoys scuba diving, kayaking, rock climbing and learning languages. She plans to continue on to get her Bachelor of Tourism Management.


Grace Broadfoot


Grace first came to the Haida Gwaii to study Ecology and Natural Resource Science as a part of the Haida Gwaii Semester program in the fall of 2012. She left Haida Gwaii with a serious addiction to island life and returned shortly after finishing her studies at UBC in 2014. Grace grew up in Tsawwassen and spent many of her summers boating, hiking and camping throughout the southern coast of BC, which is where she developed a real passion for the outdoors. In her spare time you can find her beachcombing, roaming the intertidal zones looking for marine life, or examining the forest floor for plant life.


James MacKinnon


After familiarizing himself with the coasts of Tofino, James voyaged North to Haida Gwaii in 2014 seeking different climates and bigger fish to fry. Moresby Explorers' presented an opportunity that James was not able to pass up, thus far it has been an amazing experience. When he's not on the water, James' can be found exploring the banks of the Copper River with a flyfishing rod in hand, or out in his candy apple red canoe, the Galleon. James is very excited to increase his guiding knowledge with Moresby Explorers and entertain guest with his hilarious jokes


Marilyn Deschenes


Marilyn grew up in the small town of Abitibi, Quebec, where she learned to love the outdoors, camping, fishing, exploring and being in and on the water. Since moving to BC in the summer of 2008, she has fallen in love with the West Coast and taken every possibility to return while also completing a program in Bio-resource Engineering at McGill University. After completing her program she found work in Nunavik, Yukon Territory, doing environmental monitoring, but as much as she loved the arctic she still felt the call of the coast and a 'milder' climate. Marilyn began guiding with Moresby Explorers in 2015 and during the off season she plans to go moose hunting with her family in Quebec.


Kelsey Kricheldorf


Kelsey was born and raised in the Tow Hill Road Community outside of Masset. She has been cooking for almost 10 years, mostly here on Haida Gwaii, and she started as a Float Camp cook with Moresby Explorers in 2011. Kelsey is also a certified kayak guide and is always willing to give pointers on paddling technique to any interested guests while out at the floatcamp. Her interests include hunting and wild harvesting, sewing, climbing trees, finding agates, and watching Doctor Who. Kelsey currently lives most of the year in Cumberland on Vancouver Island where she spends much of her time searching the forests for chanterelles or other local foods or searching the racks of Fabricland for inspiration for her next sewing project.

A little love for our team

A huge thank you to [our guide, B&B staff] and all the behind-the-scenes staff who helped make our four day Zodiac trip to Gwaii Haanas the trip of a lifetime. [Our guide] was an incredible guide. His knowledge and respect for the Haida, the forest and the wildlife taught us so much. We all agreed that we can think of no way that this trip could have been better. It far exceeded our expectations.
— Judy
We would like to highly commend [our guide] on our adventure. She was awesome!! She handled the zodiac like a pro. She was very accommodating to everyone’s needs and very personable.
— Kathy & Ron
I just wanted to say that the tour was excellent, the accommodations great and the food fabulous. Most of all I want to say a huge thank you to [our guide] for being a consummate professional, skilled boatsman, calm, cool and collected, totally interested and engaged in his work and so knowledgeable about the area,local history, flora and fauna. You have a stellar guide on your hands that really makes the experience an experience!
— Sue & Kim
What a pleasure [our guide] was to spend a day with. She was a wonderful guide, well informed,very competent and great company.
— Trish & Les