Our story, from 1988 to today.

Moresby Explorers was started by two loggers, Doug Gould and Billy Blount in 1988 when Billy suggested that the tourism business would be a great way to meet girls.

They bought a 5 metre Zodiac inflatable boat and started touring. After the first season they realized that open boats and camping in the rain wasn't a great combination and they, being loggers, built a 40' by 70' log float and salvaged a cabin from the logging camp at Lyell Island. They anchored it in De la Beche Inlet until 1997 when Parks Canada forced it to be moved north of the Park boundary to Crescent Inlet where it is today.

Doug continued to log while Bill did most of the touring. Logging paid for the equipment and basically built the business. Without this steady income Moresby Explorers would not have been viable.

Then it happened... Bill met a girl and it became serious! The company couldn't afford wages and Bill made a very difficult decision to move back into logging, selling his part of the company to Doug.

A few years later Doug met a young schoolteacher on a tour he was guiding. One thing led to another and now his wife Linda, young son Greyson, and even younger daughter Juel May are the biggest part of his life. Doug eventually decided to sell the business in order to focus more on his family.

Two of Doug's employees, Heron Wier and Laura Pattison, decided to take the plunge and buy the business from him. Born and raised on the islands, they ran the business out of their full-time Sandspit residence, just up the road from its original location at Doug's place. In 2018, Heron and Lo sold the business to Alex and Ollie, who fell in love with Haida Gwaii when they moved to the islands in 2016.

Over the years the boats have grown as has the business. Larger rigid hull Zodiacs have replaced the smaller boats, with the fleet now consisting of two Hurricane 630s, 3 custom designed Hurricane 633s, and a Hurricane 753.

The Moresby Explorers Ltd. has grown steadily through years of hard work, providing affordable access to the lands and waters of Moresby Island in Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlottes). Focusing mainly on the eastern shoreline with its Haida history, forested hills and valleys, wildlife and wilderness, and the scenic backdrop of the San Christoval Mountains, we are the company of choice for many people seeking educational, fun boating excursions into the area. Most of our marketing is done via our web site, through local support and by word-of-mouth, the latter being most important. We realize that, for many, this is the only break from a long year of work and they deserve the best we can provide.