Join the MorEx Team this summer!

We employ about twelve people each season from May to September, and we typically have 2-3 openings for new staff each summer. These positions are an opportunity for a motivated, enthusiastic individual to experience the beauty of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve while working in a fun, positive, informal team environment.  For the 2019 season we are hiring for the positions of Lead Guide and Float Camp Manager. We also have the new positions available as Support Staff


Boat Guide

This is a full time position from May to September.

Duties include driving Hurricane Zodiacs with up to 12 guests, teaching people about the history of the area, guiding people through long-abandoned native village sites and forest walks while making sure everyone is safe and having a great time. In the early season you will be learning from senior guides by helping out on tours, but after we decide you are ready, you will be running tours alone, fully responsible for decisions concerning safety, weather, etc.

On days when you are not guiding, you will be expected to help out with equipment maintenance, building projects, and other jobs around the office. Because we start our tours about an hour's drive from Sandspit where the office is, you will also need to drive a 15 passenger van on radio controlled logging roads. Although previous experience is not necessary, you need to be able to learn quickly and figure things out independently.

Requirements for the job are Small Vessel Operator Proficiency certificate, MEDA3, Class 4 driver's licence and at least 40 hours of Wilderness First Aid (we prefer 80-100 hours and suggest Slipstream). We provide room and board. First year wages are $2,100 while you are training and $2,520 once your on the water. Second year wages are $3,150 monthly with an annual increase.


Support Staff

This is a great way to get into the tourism and hospitality industry. You will rotate every week through 3 key areas of our operation: Deckhand - our tours and transports can be fast paced and take you to some wild and remote places. You support the guides in loading kayaks, preparing the boats and assisting on tours. Base assistant - you’ll help prepare meals, clean the base and help with maintenance. Assistant housekeeper - Through the day you will assist the float-camp manager make beds, clean and prepare meals You do not need to live in Sandspit to do this job.


Bed and Breakfast Staff

This position is ideal for a friendly, organized, and detail-orientated person who enjoys cooking and dealing with groups of clients, as well as lots of cleaning. The position is based at our 10-room bed and breakfast in Sandspit, where you will be responsible for day-to-day operations: cooking breakfast each morning for 1-20 people, cleaning and making beds, doing laundry, shoppping, and some yard work.

We are willing to train someone who does not have formal cooking experience. Starting wage for this position is $2100/month.


Float Camp Cook

As a float camp cook, you will prepare meals for groups of 8-12 clients at our floating cabin located on the northern boundary of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve. Our boat tour groups stay overnight at this small, comfortable floating lodge. Because this is a very remote location, our electricity comes from a generator and batteries, the appliances run on propane, and we have our own water system from a nearby stream.

In this role, you will alternate with another cook, working 10 day shifts followed by 4 days off. The shift will include a day to prep and shop in town, a week at the cabin including a day of overlap with the other cook, and a day in town at the end of the shift to help with laundry, general clean-up, or other tasks around our office as necessary. During your days off, you will have room and board at our base in Sandspit, as well as access to vehicles and bikes to explore the rest of Haida Gwaii.

Expect to be very busy during your shift, with tour groups staying at the cabin almost every night, eating dinner and breakfast and taking a packed lunch for the day. You will be responsible for planning and cooking meals, keeping the cabin clean and tidy, making beds, cleaning, and making clients feel welcome. You need to be self-motivated and have a friendly and pleasant manner. You should be able to improvise and deal with hands-on troubleshooting situations. You must be able to cope with being alone and also dealing with large groups of people. Formal cooking experience is not necessary, as long as you are able to learn quickly. Wages for this position are $2500/month for your first season, $3,000 for the second season and $3,500 for the theird.


Office Staff

This is a full time position from May to September. Although you will be working under an experienced office manager, you will learn all of the duties associated with the office and will take responsibility for many tasks on your own.

Duties include answering phone calls, writing emails, booking clients, and providing information about our services to potential clients. You will also prepare lunches for day trips (simple and repetitive cooking), and help to keep the office and kitchen clean and tidy. You will be part of a team that works each day to keep our clients happy and keep everything running smoothly, and as such you may perform a wide variety of tasks, such as prepping rental kayaks, fixing and organizing things in the shop, and thinking on your feet to solve daily problems. You must be capable of both giving and taking directions, as well as figuring out what needs to be done independently.

Previous experience with office work and work in the tourism industry is an asset. Friendly, outgoing personality and ability to learn new skills and make decisions are a must. This job requires a high level of commitment and long hours of work, but is varied and interesting, and we will provide opportunities to get out on the boat and experience our tours and the wilderness of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve. We provide room and board. First year wages for this position is $2,400/month and increase over the next few seasons.

Although each job is a challenging full-time position in itself, we encourage everyone to get to know each other's jobs and work together as a team to complete the tasks needing to get done each day. Most staff choose to live at our office, where we provide room and board. Working with Moresby Explorers is a great way to learn a wide variety of skills and experience a fun, team-orientated work environment. Because of the length of our season, this is an excellent summer job for students. We are happy to consider applications for work experience placements from colleges or outdoor programs.

We accept applications for any of these positions at any time, although we usually do our hiring from December to February each year. To apply, please forward your resume to (P.O. Box 127, Sandspit BC, V0T 1T0). Please include a cover letter stating which position(s) you are applying for and what skills and strengths you would bring to our team. We would also like to know why you are interested in working for us, how you heard about us, and any other information about yourself you'd like to share. We are always looking for staff who want to return year after year.

Volunteer Opportunities

We offer volunteer opportunities for those who want to get to know the local community and get some work experience while traveling on a budget. Work with a great team and make some new friends while you stay with our crew at our base in Sandspit. We provide room and board in exchange for approximately 20 hours of work per week. If you volunteer for a few weeks or more we can usually get you out on a boat at some point. Contact us if you're interested in volunteering!