10 spots in & 10 spots out
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10 spots in & 10 spots out

Kayaker Transport

We travel on fast, stable Hurricane Zodiac boats which are perfectly suited to the variable weather and sea conditions around Haida Gwaii. These vessels are open to the elements, which means you must dress in warm clothing and raingear. We provide an additional raincoast to throw on over your layers, but it is important you have your own warm clothing as well. The ride can be bumpy at times, and it is very important to discuss any health or fitness concerns (such as back problems) with us before booking.

We launch our boats from Moresby Camp, the closest boat launch to Gwaii Haanas, which is a public recreation site located about one hour drive from Sandspit on Moresby Island. We will pick you up in our van from Sandspit or from the Alliford Bay ferry landing, or you can arrange to meet us as Moresby Camp.

In general, we have a five person minimum in order to confirm a transportation run. Once you contact us, we will attempt to match other people to your dates, and we will confirm once we have at least five people.


Location Price (with tax) Time in the boat, 1 direction Total transit time, 1 direction
Tanu Area $165 ($173.25) 1 hour 3.5 hours
Juan Perez Area $195 ($204.75) 2 hours 4.5 hours
Burnaby Narrows Area $215 ($225.75) 2.5 hours 5 hours
Rose Harbour Area $265 ($278.25) 3.5 hours 6 hours

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